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Backyard Pi Google Drive

Backyard Pi Onedrive

Download and verify installation media

Add and use filesystem tools

Copy tarball to boot under Gnome

Prepare SD card using GNOME Disks

image from Alpine Linux as a Server

Alpine Linux as a Server

Creating initial boot media

Do pre-boot tweaks

Obtain and verify install tarball

Prepare your SD card

Setup network required for package installation

Use Alpine Linux on Raspberry Pi as a server

Create semi-data/semi-diskless install

Server install & configure

Use modified 'setup-alpine' procedure

image from Pi Unbound; The Gift of DoT

Pi Unbound; The Gift of DoT

image from Public Pi Backyard Camera

Public Pi Backyard Camera

Gitea Pi Server Updates

Gitea Pi Backup

Gitea Pi

PiSQL Gitea


PiSQL Updates

Intro to Raspberry Pi OS

Raspberry Pi OS as a Server

ARCHIVED: Raspberry Pi as an Ansible Server