Below you will find pages that utilize the taxonomy term “alpine”

Download and verify installation media

Partitioning on the Linux command line

Add and use filesystem tools

Copy tarball to boot under Gnome

Prepare SD card using GNOME Disks

image from Alpine Linux as a Server

Alpine Linux as a Server

Configure off-system backups

Creating initial boot media

Do pre-boot tweaks

Guides for setting kernel parameters

Hardware-specific tweaks and configuration


Important post-install configuration

Kernel and hardware notes

Obtain and verify install tarball

Prepare your SD card

Setup network required for package installation

Use Alpine Linux on Raspberry Pi as a server

Add etckeeper

Add etckeeper git remote for pushing on commit

Add man pages and other on-system docs

Add nano and use as default editor

Add packages for pre-mount filesystem check

Add tmux

Commit LBU (stores changes)

Configure SSH for pubkey only

Create a non-root admin user

Create semi-data/semi-diskless install

Edit message of the day (MOTD)

Enable enhanced shell prompt

Firstboot troubleshooting

For headless systems, add boot entropy

Recommended tweaks and configuration

Server install & configure

Use encrypted LBU

Use modified 'setup-alpine' procedure