• The front page isn’t what you might expect. Default WordPress Twenty Twenty One Theme Front Page
  • Options:
    • Add a better front page
    • Change theme
    • Settle for the default
  1. To create a better blog front page, use ‘New|Page’ again.
  2. Use the title ‘Blog’. Open the Block Editor New Block Selector
  3. In the block editor select a ‘Latest Posts’ block. Selecting the Latest Posts Widget in Block Editor
  4. Select your preferred styles for the ‘Latest Posts’ widget Latest Posts widget additional settings open on right of page editor Image properties for Latest Posts Widget Selecting post metadata to show in Latest Posts Widget Posts to include in Latest Posts Widget
  5. Publish the ‘Blog’ Page
  6. Select the ‘Menus’ option
  7. Add the ‘Blog’ page to the menu. Note you can move the Blog page to top (left when displayed) and ‘Save Menu’. Screenshot of WordPress Primary Menu with ‘About’ and ‘Blog’ present and ‘Blog’ open for modification
  8. In ‘Appearance|Customize’, ‘Homepage Settings’, set ‘Your homepage displays’ to ‘A static page’, and set ‘Homepage’ to ‘Blog’, and ‘Publish’. Screenshot of theme Customization menu (for 2021 theme) in which we set Homepage to ‘Blog’