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This theme is mostly not intended to be used as a normal theme. It is intended as a framework for creating minimal reproducible test cases. As such, one does not simply drop it in a site, but rather creates a repository specifically designed to isolate and demonstrate the issue one is facing.

The goal is to minimize the amount of ’layout grunt work’ one has to do to create the test case.

Daniel F. Dickinson, however does use this for demo sites for the modules on which he works.

See License for permissions on use.

Modern hugo only

This minimal theme is built using assumptions that may require Hugo 0.80.0 or higher, and in any event those are the only versions on which it has been tested, at present.

Available features

hello-world shortcode

A simple shortcode that emits an HTML paragraph with ‘Hello World!’. To use it, add {{< hello-world >}} to a content file (not template).

page-assets shortcode

Allows rendering a Hugo resource from the assets directory as Markdown. This is currently used to render this repo’s README.md on a page in the exampleSite.

In order to be compliant with current HTML best practise for h1 elements, which is to have only one h1 element per page, any H1 elements in the asset are rewritten as H2 elements (because this theme adds the page title as an H1 element).

Basic usage (as theme)

Hugo module (preferred)

  1. Initialize the Hugo module system: hugo mod init github.com/<your_user>/<your_project>; (assuming you are using GitHub, of course).

  2. Import the theme in your config.toml

         path = "github.com/danielfdickinson/minimal-test-theme-hugo-dfd"
  3. Change back to the site directory

  4. Get the module

    hugo mod get github.com/danielfdickinson/minimal-test-theme-hugo-dfd
  5. To test the result, run the local Hugo server

    hugo server -b http://localhost:1313/

Using git submodules (unsupported by theme author)

  1. Make a themes directory and switch to it.

    mkdir themes
    cd themes
  2. In the themes directory, add minimal-test-theme-hugo-dfd as a submodule

    git submodule add -f https://github.com/danielfdickinson/minimal-test-theme-hugo-dfd.git
  3. Change back to the site directory

  4. To test the result, run the local Hugo server

    hugo server -t hugo-minimal-test -b http://localhost:1313/


Use to create a minimal(ish) reproducible test case

  1. To create a test case site (Linux)

    git clone https://github.com/danielfdickinson/minimal-test-theme-hugo-dfd.git
    cp -r minimal-test-theme-hugo-dfd/exampleSite a-minimal-reproducible-test-case
    cd a-minimal-reproducible-test-case
    git init
    git remote add origin <URL-of-and-empty-repo-you-created-for-this-test-case>
    git push origin main
  2. Now modify the exampleSite by adding/modifying content and layouts to reproduce you issue

  3. Commit your changes and push to the repo

  4. Create a post on the Hugo Forum describing your issue and provide a link to the repo you just pushed.

  5. Hopefully someone can help!

Page and/or site params available

In/via this module

showTopBarIf false, do not show top menu bar
testStylesIncludeIf true adds a very small amount of CSS to improve theme usability.

Test CSS styling

This makes the ’theme’ more usable

To enable the styles:

In config.toml add

     testStylesInclude = true

Contributions welcome

If your issues can’t be found when searching both open and closed issues, please add it!

Please check open issues on danielfdickinson/minimal-test-theme-hugo-dfd for enhancements and bugs that you would like resolved, write the fix, and submit a PR!

Adding and improving documention is always handy as well.

Support and general questions

Please use GitHub Discussions for support and general questions.