This is from about 2009, but apparently there are still occasionally people trying to find it. So moving from oldsites to here.

Updated version of Lightbulb’s JTAG Debrick Utility

NB The Wiggler cable bugfix is actually made by Daniel Gimpelvich and applied by me. Apologies to the other Daniel (Gimpelvich) for not being absolutely careful about that all those years ago. (although I don’t recall if there was an attribution to the patch on OpenWrt wiki at the time).

  • Supports dma on bigendian CPU’s (such as the BCM63xx)
  • Supports reading and writing either bigendian or littleendian images files (little endian is what debrick does by default, bigendian is what dd if=/dev/mtdX will give you on bigendian cpu)
  • Includes a trivial endianness translator (a simple commandline filter). Adds support for the flash chip on various brcm96348 boards
  • Adds support for 64k (and 128k) CFE such as the 64k CFE on various 96348GW-11 boards
  • Fixes a bug in Wiggler cable support

There is a [version of the source with USB ‘bus pirate’ support added]( still available. [AUTHOR’s NOTE: This no longer exists as of 2022-03-25]